LunaH-Map is a new type of NASA planetary science mission. LunaH-Map is a miniaturized, fully functional interplanetary spacecraft the size of a shoebox that will map hydrogen enrichments within permanently shadowed regions of the lunar south pole. The spacecraft will use a miniaturized propulsion system, attitude control, power and communications systems to maneuver into orbit around the Moon. LunaH-Map will enter a low altitude, elliptical polar orbit and will measure the abundance of hydrogen using a new type of compact neutron spectrometer. Neutron measurements made at low altitude over the lunar south pole will allow LunaH-Map to constrain the hydrogen within permanently shadowed regions at unprecedented spatial resolution.

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Spacecraft Build

All of the components have arrived and we have begun integration of the flight spacecraft! The video to the left is a live feed from our cleanroom in building ISTB4 on the Tempe Campus. This feed is scheduled to broadcast live each weekday from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

The spacecraft is in the lower left. The computers that command the spacecraft during testing are on the left. An exact copy of the spacecraft is on the far side. We use this to test new software. The furthest away, behind the work benches, is an engineering model of the solar array.